How do I register for the International and Colorado exams?

In Colorado, exams are given once yearly, on the first Friday of February. To register for both the International and Colorado exams, you must fully complete the exam registration form from the ICCA. Once you have been registered for the exams, the ICCA will send you a confirmation letter. 

Where do I find study materials for the exams?

The ICCA site lists several sources of exam study materials. The Colorado CCA has developed a study guide for our test based on Performance Objectives. It can be purchased from the ICCA Store. Please contact us with any questions.

What are the Performance Objectives?

The Colorado Certified Crop Adviser Performance Objectives list  the knowledge and skills that are considered important for crop advisers working in Colorado. Certified crop advisers should be able to apply their knowledge of each of the performance objectives to practical field situations. Individuals taking the Colorado Certified Crop Adviser's exam should know the Colorado Performance Objectives as well as the ICCA National Performance Objectives.

How do I find out if I passed the exams?

Exam scores are mailed six weeks after the exam date. For more information on exams, see ICCA's exam frequently asked questions.

I've passed both exams - now what?

Once you have passed both exams, ICCA will mail you the complete ICCA credential booklet. You are required to fill out the forms provided within the booklet and return them to CCA, 5585 Guilford Rd., Madison, WI 53711, within 6 months of passing both exams or you will be required to retake both exams.